Signing up to Nested

Nested is a simple app with a vision to deliver you a comprehensive control over your professional, social and other types of communications. You can prioritise and engage with the people, groups and issues that are most important to you, while not replacing your existing forms of communication.

In today’s fast-paced world, we can’t all afford to spend copious amounts of time navigating between our various communication platforms. That’s why Nested integrates all your communication and gives you a platform where you can host all your interactions, without forcing you to limit how you converse, or who you interact with.

You can use Nested on your web browser, or on Android or iOS devices.

What does it mean to get #NestedUp?

Our services are ideal for both individual and team-to-team messaging. One of the objectives of Nested is to allow you to organize your various levels of digital interaction in a way that mirrors how you do this in real life. Read below the sections that will help you understand what this means

Sending Messages

After signing up, you will be allocated your own individual Nested address, which is the ID you can use for correspondences outside of the app, for instance with alternative email platforms. You can send comprehensive messages or write quick remarks to any recipient (whether they are a Nested user or not). You will also have the simultaneous ability to swiftly respond to messages through the comments tab.
These features give you the freedom to send both formal, structured messages that we typically reserve for email, while also being able to keep the communication flowing with more familiar contacts – without all the formalities.


One of our flagship features is Nested Places. Through this feature you can structure your communication into Places in line with the actual context of your interactions – social, professional, and more.
Places are embed within your main Grand Place, on which the Members can be stratified according to their position in the Place. The hierarchical format of Places intuitively assigns the appropriate levels of access to the Members of a Place.
To know all the precious details of this feature, you can read upon Understanding a Place from our Help section and get familiar with what a Manager or a Member does in a Place by reviewing Differing positions for a Place.

Practical uses

Try creating a Grand Place for yourself and your work colleagues, or for example for yourself and a group of friends planning an upcoming college reunion trip. Follow the instructions on Creating a Grand Place and then Creating a Place to get a practical sense of how the platform works.
For instance, in a work environment, Nested helps to model your Places based on the different departments you work with in the real life, and in this way helps you keep the interactions within the Places and sub-Places relevant to all involved. You can divide responsibilities according to the purpose of your Place, or your project. A short note to keep in mind is that Grand Places usually are for utilizing broad and general logistics and discussion, while the Places within are ideal for sharing more specific information applicable to the Members within them.
The beauty here is that, since each Place has its own unique Nested address based on its name, you can use this address for all external communications so that you can forever skip the forwarding, CCing and all. For instance, all Members can be reached on the Grand Place [email protected] for all correspondence involving general information applicable to everyone on the trip, while the ‘Berlin Leisure’ sub-Place can receive updates and group tickets for shows or tours that they booked on [email protected]
This places all your relevant communication where it should be, while ensuring everyone stays in the loop when need be – no more claims from that one guy who just ‘didn’t receive the email’!

Other features and benefits

Easy access

Nested gives you the option to attach files from file-sharing apps, photos, videos and voice-recordings to your messages. This gives you the benefit of having your relevant documents and files, no matter what the size, at the tip of your fingers without having to move between different apps.
Nested is purpose-built to allow you to store all your usual files, while giving access to those files to whomever you choose to give it to. This saves you valuable space and, importantly, time.

Place Settings

Settings is where, as a Manager, you can make basic changes to your Grand Place, Place or the sub-Places within, and determine its membership. Here you can add, promote, demote as well as remove Members, in addition to inviting new ones (psst, invitation is only applicable with Grand Places!).

See all and everything involved with Place Settings, including how to stay on top of your privacy from here


The first page that appears when entering Nested is your Feed; the virtual space in which all the content of the Places you are a part of will be shown. Your Feed essentially functions as your timeline, where the latest messages and files of any given Place or Member will appear with their corresponding comments, all categorized according to the period of time in which they were sent.
With the Feed feature, you are provided with a more intuitive and comprehensible way to navigate through your messages. You can also look up the exact message of your interest by typing the title of it, or the content of it, in the Search box that appears at the upper bar of your page.

This is just where everything begins, and the rest is history. See all our unique features from our main features page!
Please visit our Help Center for further information you may need.