The story so far

Just over two years ago one of our founding members successfully completed an internal communications project at a respectable company and then quit their high paying job to change the world.

Yes, this is the beginning of another startup story; where the founders met at university; where one of them is a childhood coding prodigy and where most of them wear t-shirts in the office. Yes, we’re those millennials-on-a-mission, and the mission we’ve set for ourself is to put communications in it place.

The invaluable experience gained at that last job – building a teamto-team communications platform – proved to be a trial run and an essential lesson in how to design a system from the ground up that not only compliments the way humans naturally communicate, but increases efficiency and empowers users

Ehsan N. MoosaFounder/CEO
Ehsan N. Moosa , Nested Founder
Farzin Nami , Nested Co-founder
Farzin NamiCo-founder/Executive Director
Sina Boostani , Nested Co-founder
Sina BoostaniCo-founder/Chairman

Why we exist

We found that users would adapt the way they communication to the platforms they’d use – sometimes using them in ways they weren’t necessarily intended. New means arrive and older ones remain, but in all cases we noticed that the way that people communicate across platforms was getting out of control.

We knew we needed to create a communications platform that not only adapts to the way people currently communicate but the way they will need to communicate tomorrow. We knew that adding another platform wouldn’t necessarily be the solution. So we purpose-built Nested to not only embrace your current communication, but enhance it – putting you back in control.

We are Ronak Soft; Nested is our first step towards enriching communities at every level, and there’s a lot more to unravel.