How to access and download Nested?

We’re glad to see you here, ready to put your communication in its place!

You can access the Nested web app by either:

  • typing into your address bar in order to land on our homepage — from here you can sign up or sign in, as well as view what’s so unique about our features
  • typing to get a direct access to the web app’s sign in page

If you wish to sign up for the first time, you can do so by clicking on Create an account option located on the upper-right side of the sign in box:



The service runs on the following browsers:

  • Chrome (version 12 or above)
  • Firefox (version 11 or above)
  • Safari (version 7 or above)
  • Opera (version 12 or above)
  • Internet explorer (version 11)

Note: To spare you from being desk-bound, we have created a platform-independent service that you can access anywhere, at anytime, and does not require you to download any supporting programs or softwares.