Adding Members to your Place

You can add existing Members of your Grand Place to the Places that have been created within it. If you wish to add people that you notice are not existing Members of your Grand Place, you must invite them to the Grand Place first.
Members can be added by the Manager(s) of the Place, or by the Members that have been enabled to do so by the Manager(s).
Adding Members to a Place

There are several methods to adding Members to a Place. When you are creating a Place, you are asked if you want to bulk add all the Members of the Grand Place to the sub-Place. If you did not choose this option, you can perform the following instructions to selectively add the precise Members you want to add:
1. Go to the sub-Place that you want to add Members to.

2. On the sub-Place’s main page, you will find the Members box on the right-side of the page.

    • 3. Click on the green Plus (+) icon.


  • 4. A modal window will open wherein you can type the names, usernames or the Place IDs of the people you want to add to your Place. You can either add one person at a time or bulk add the people you select. Be reminded that you can only add these people if they are already Members of the Grand Place within which your Place has been created.

Why does Nested suggest me contacts when I’m typing?

To speed up the adding process and help you get more done in less time, we suggest you users and Places as you type. These suggestions are based on your recent interactions.