Bookmarks tab

The Bookmarks tab

When you bookmark posts, you mark them as important to you. This helps you when you want to view them later, or follow-up on them at a later date. The Bookmarks tab helps you overview all the posts you have bookmarked. From here, you can also remove bookmarks if you want.

Accessing the Bookmarks tab

Bookmarks tab is available from your homepage where Feed is displayed.

  • 1. Go Home from your sidebar.
  • 2. Click on the Bookmarks tab from the navigation bar on the upper-side of the page.
    • 3. Once the page opens, you can scroll through and view all your bookmarked posts.

Removing a bookmark

  • You can remove your bookmarked posts from the Bookmarks tab. To remove a bookmark, click on the red Bookmark icon on the upper-right corner of the post

    and it will turn back to transparent color

    . The post will automatically be removed from the Bookmarks tab.