How can I integrate my Email?

Nested’s integrated feature of email is here to offer you rich efficiency and full connectivity when you’re on the go. Becoming a Nested user doesn’t mean you need to forego your email altogether and leave all your email-dependent contacts behind: Not at all, in fact, we have developed a service that notifies you when you receive emails to your Nested Places, and allows you to respond as well as send emails to your contacts that use email services other than Nested. This will have you connected and keep you on top of your communications without the fear of missing out.

  • Awesome! So, how does it work?

    It’s very straightforward and easy: Let’s say, you’ve create a Nested account, got yourself a cool Nested address, and have created a couple of Places with your teams aboard.
    One of these Places, for example, you have named Art Center and have given the Nested address of that particular Place — in this case— to your art-loving friends to get in touch with whenever they want to notify you of upcoming exhibition dates.

  • Receiving an Email

    Your friends could be using any possible emailing services — Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, iCloud Mail, among others — and they could still reach you by emailing your Nested address just the way they normally would with a typical email address.

    The email they have sent would then appear on Art Center as a post shared by the person who sends it. If you have Members in Art Center, they would also see this post and the sender of it.

  • If you would like to be the only one receiving and viewing the emails, you could arrange to be reached via your personal Nested address that is only visible to you.Categorizing your emails: Alternatively, you can create various Places to categorize your incoming emails and use them as a confidential, smarter inboxes that adapt to the way you work and communicate.
  • Replying to an Email

    So, now you want to reply to the email you’ve received? Cool, just press the Reply icon

    nested reply icon

    at the lower-right corner of the email post and write a response like you normally would.

    You can add and format the text, attach files, include emojis, and once you’re ready, click on Share. This will advance the email from your Place straight to your friend’s inbox! Your Nested address will appear as the sender, and the sent email will form an email thread with the other replies in order to keep up the consistency of the conversation.

  • Forwarding an Email

    You can forward an email you’ve received to another Place within Nested or another email address outside of Nested by pressing on the Forward icon

    nested forward icon

    that appears next to the Reply icon.

    A compose box will open and you can write additional points you would like to make in regards to the forwarded email. To set the recipients, type in the Nested addresses of the Places, or the email addresses, that you would wish the email to be forwarded to.

  • Bookmarking an Email

    You’ve received or sent an email that you would like to follow-up on later, or want to have it saved as a key note that you would wish to view at a later date. Since the emails you receive or send will appear as posts, you can easily bookmark them by clicking on the transparent Bookmark icon

    nested unbookmarked icon

    that will appear on the upper-right corner of the post. The transparent color will change to red

    nested bookmarked icon

    and you’ll know it has been bookmarked.

    You can view all your bookmarked posts from the navigation bar of your Feed from the Bookmarked tab. From here, you can also delete bookmarks.

  • Sending an Email

    The same method you would use to compose and share a post in a Place, you would go on with composing an email with the tools that Nested offers: Add a title to your post, write and format the text, attach files, and include emojis to fit your taste.

  • Bulk sending: You can simultaneously send the same email to multiple Places within Nested and multiple email addresses outside of Nested and remain assured they will be delivered fast, secure and confidently. The recipients can reply to your email the way they normally would.
  • Once you’re ready, type in the email address(es) you would wish the email to be delivered to in the Share with box; this can be a Nested address or an email address belonging to a different emailing service.

Quick Commenting

Communicate in less time with our quick commenting feature that allows you and the Members of your Place to comment beneath each post landing on your Place, including emails.