Choosing the type, Common Place

  • Common Place, demonstrated with a see-through glass icon

    , is a Place type wherein All the Members from your Grand Place can view its contents and activities. Depending on your settings, you decide if they can also post or not. Bear in mind that you cannot nest further Places in a Common Place.

Creating a Common Place

  • 1. Open the Grand Place under which you would like your sub-Place to come.
  • 2. Click on the More options drop-down menu from the upper-right corner of the page and choose Create a Common Place from the Place type options.
  • 3. Create a Place window will open and will request you to fill the empty fields.
  • Right at the start of the Place creation process, you are explicitly informed that every Member of the Grand Place within which you create this sub-Place will be able to view its contents.
  • 4. Place name asks you to name the Place you are creating: What is this Place for? For work? Friends or relatives? Or your sports team? We encourage you to name your Place descriptively as to make it easier for yourself to have a clearer overview of all the Places you’re a part of.
  • Let’s say, you needed to create a Place for your work-related teams. You type that in!
  • 5. As you can see by this point, your Place name has been automatically filled-in as your Place ID, which is the unique Nested address that will be assigned to each one of your Places during their creation; it will basically operate with a similar concept to an email: for communicating between individuals, teams and other emailing services.

Despite the automated fill-in, you can still type-in the specific Place ID you want by clicking on the automated Place ID: Once you do this, a modal window will open, allowing you to alter the Place ID according to your preferences. Bear in mind that you cannot later change your Place ID, so please choose wisely.

  • 6. Once you are done with your changes, click on Save; this will take you back to the Create a Place page and you will be asked to complete the empty fields.
    • 7. Who can add Members to this Place? asks you to specify if you would like only the Managers to have the capacity to add new Members, or if you would like anyone that is a Member in your Place to have this capacity.
    • 8. Select a group of Members you want to add to this Place is where you can add all the Members of the Grand Place to your sub-Place; since this is a Common Place, the Members of the Grand Place would have access to view the contents of the sub-Place anyways, but they would not be able to share posts. By choosing to add them as Members, you are granting them the right to not only view but to also contribute to the sub-Place!
      • 9. Add to Feed will add the Place to the list of Places that carry the most importance to you and will therefore prioritize the activities happening in them by showing them on your Feed the moment you log in.
        • You can turn this option off if it’s a Place that you do not want to be informed of, or if you want to check on it yourself from time to time without being reminded.
      • 10. Turn on notifications for this Place if you want to be notified of the activities occurring in it: This option is very handy if you want to keep on top of the communication happening in a particular Place, or to stay in the loop of how a specific team work is getting along.
    • You can turn this option off if you’re not interested in being notified of everything that is taking place there.
    • Add to Feed and Turn on notifications for this Place are optional settings that you can change whenever you want.
    • Your Common Place is ready to house your communications once you press Create a Place!