Commenting on a post

You can make quick remarks under the posts shared in the Place(s) you are a Member of, allowing you to host lively discussions or get insightful feedback on posts without wasting time on the usual back-and-forth, CCs and BCCs.

Commenting under a post

  • 1. Choose the post you want to comment on.
  • 2. Type your comment in the Write your comment… field that is found below the post.
  • 3. Press Enter from your keyboard; the writer of the post will be notified of this activity and can respond back to your comment.

Removing a comment

You can remove a comment within a 10-minute timeframe after it has been published.

  • 1. Choose the comment you want to remove.
  • 2. Click on the bin icon appearing next to your comment and your comment will be automatically removed. This icon will only appear if your comment has not exceeded the time limit set on it.