Composing a new post

Whether you’re intending to compose a quick note or a lengthy post with multiple files, composing and sharing posts is easy from any device that has Nested installed on it. Moreover, your connections from near and far are all within your reach with Nested’s hybrid emailing service that allows you to get in touch with your connections on other emailing services.

Start a new post

  • Press on the Compose icon from your sidebar
    nested compose
  • The Compose window will open with a simple toolbar that gives you all you need.

Add recipients

In the Share with field at the top of the compose window, type the name, Place ID or the email address of the recipient(s) you are intending to share this post with. If the recipient(s) you had in mind appear in the suggested contacts as you are typing, simply click on their names. If they don’t, continue to add their full name, Place ID or email address.

You can share the post with up to 20 different recipients, consisting of Place IDs within Nested and contacts that are using other emailing services.

Simple yet efficient toolbox

Once you’ve written the subject and the content of your post, you can move onto formatting your text where necessary. You can format your text from the tool box found at the bottom of the Compose window and formatting your text is possible both on our service’s web app as well as mobile versions. By default, the toolbox appears as a single horizontal column of tools. Select a tool from the default toolbox by clicking it.

Toolbox choices are as follows:

  • Attachments

  • Hyperlink

  • Bold

  • Italic

  • Alignment options

  • Varying font sizes

  • Text color palette

Good to know: You can also include emojis from your mobile device’s emoji keyboard!

Share photos, documents and more

To enclose attachments :

  • 1. Click on the paperclip icon
    nested attach icon

    on the lower-left side of the Compose window

  • 2. Select the files you want to attach from your computer
    • If you want to attach more than one file, press the Ctrl (PC) or ⌘ (Mac) button while selecting your files.

  • 3. Click Open (PC) or Choose (Mac).To share quicker, drag and drop the files you want to attach into the compose window.
  • 4. Your files will be attached inline.

Attachment size limit

You can share maximum of 50 attachments in one post with each file sizing up to 100MB. If you are a Basic user, make sure that you do not exceed the maximum post size quota set for per Grand Place.

Delete an attachment

If you change your mind about an attachment, you can move your mouse on top of the attachment you want to delete and click on the appearing bin icon

nested delete icon

. Once you press it, the attachment will be deleted.