Creating an account

Once you have accessed Nested by typing into your address bar, you can directly continue to create an account from the main page. What’s good about this service is that you are not required to download any supporting programs or softwares to use it from your desktop. Just keep in mind that we run on the following browsers:

  • Chrome (version 12 or above)

  • Firefox (version 11 or above)

  • Safari (version 7 or above)

  • Opera (version 12 or above)

  • Internet explorer (version 11)

When you’ve got the browser right, perform the following instructions:

1. Choose your country from the country list on; we will automatically determine the country code.

2.. Enter your full phone number.

  • Make sure that the phone number you enter is an active one!

  • Please omit any leading zeros (0s) when entering your phone number.

3. Press Get started.

After you enter your phone number, please wait for an SMS to be sent to you. The SMS will contain a 4-digit verification code, which you will be asked to enter on the verification screen of the web app.

  • The verification code is unique and will be different each time you verify a new phone number with us. Please do not make up verification codes as it may delay the process of creating an account.

If you do not receive your verification code via SMS within a 60-second time frame, you can request to be sent a new verification code by clicking Resend. If you would like to be reached with a call from our automated system, please wait for the three minute timer to finish counting down and do not change your phone number during this time. After three minutes, click on Call.

If you notice you have entered the wrong phone number, click on That’s not me! button above the verification screen.

In this case, you will be directed back to the first stage of Create an account: you will be prompted to choose your country from the country list and enter your full phone number. Press Next and you will be taken to the Phone verification stage.

As detailed above, you will be required to enter your active phone number and asked to wait for an SMS to be sent to you. Once you receive the verification code, you will be asked to enter the code on the verification screen of the web app. By clicking Verify, you will be taken to the next stage, which is Create a profile.

With Create a profile, you are requested to perform the following:

  • Choose a username

    • Please be reminded that your username should consist of 5 or more characters but should be less than 32 characters; you can use alphabetical characters, numerical digits (1-9) and a dash (-), but you should not start or end your username with a numerical digit or with a dash. Furthermore, usernames should not contain double dashes (–) or dots (.)

    • Psst! Choose a username that you are happy and comfortable with, as it will become your primary unique Nested address and cannot be changed afterwards.

  • Choose a strong password
  • Enter your first name and surname

  • Enter a valid email

After you have filled the required fields, continue to Finish. This will open the magic door into the Nested web app! Your communications are most welcome here. To add the finishing touch, you’re requested to verify your email and add a profile picture.