Nested offers a range of unique features to its users. Have a look below to get acquainted with some of our app's features and benefits.


Integrate all your messaging, including your email, on Nested for consistent, time-saving and efficient communication.


Organize your conversations into a neat order of Places for effective team-messaging and communication management.


Set the privacy of your Personal Place and all Places you’re a member of to determine who gets to see what and when.

Share Messages

Compose, reply and forward messages to individuals and Places without losing the context of your conversations.


Make quick comments on messages, allowing you to easily switch between formal and casual communication.


Withdraw the messages from all the individuals and Places you’ve sent them to within a 24-hour limit.

Store & Archive

Store the shared and transmitted content in- app, available to you later as reassembled archives of data.


Send messages to multiple recipients (individuals and Places) simultaneously in an easy-to-use format.

Share Files

Quickly upload and share files with whomever you choose, both within and outside of Nested.

Sharing Between Apps

Transfer file data between Nested and your other apps on iOS and Android.


Comprehensive log of all the activity occurring in the Places you are a manager or a member of.


Use the in-app search facility to swiftly locate messages using key words.


Designate your most important Places and filter your messages to view only those from bookmarked Places.

Tiered Membership

Assign differing levels of access to the Members of your Place(s) to suit your team’s interests.