How Are You, And Do I Need To Know?

Even though email may be one of the world’s most “reviled technologies”, it is used regularly by almost one in every three persons on earth. Given that many of us are emailing practically every day, it’s only natural that we’ve developed certain range of types — idiosyncrasies that we display in our email correspondence that may or may not resemble our real-life personalities or style of communication, but that nonetheless say a lot about us. You must know what I’m talking about. The question is: what’s your type?

Taskmaster Tiffany
Are you always jumping straight to the nitty-gritty, delegating tasks without wasting time on greetings or pleasantries, also referred to as ‘The Robot’? No need to take despair if that’s you — robots are, after all, known for their superhuman productivity.

One-liner Owen
Do you champion the blunt one-liner or even one-word email, an approach that’s said to leave countless victims in its wake? Are the contents of your sent folder often limited to frugal emails like ‘Yep’, ‘Got it’, or ‘Will get back to you on this later’? We’ve got your number, Owen.

Formalities Fae
You find it somewhat blasphemous to read emails like those of Owen’s above, or indeed to forego punctuating your own emails with subtle but essential courtesies. You might also sooner miss a deadline before sending off an email without one or all of these phrases: ‘hope you are well’; ‘for your consideration’; ‘please do not hesitate to contact me’.

Personable Peter
An email isn’t an email to you if it doesn’t include some personal anecdote or polite but not too intrusive question about your recipient. A typical message from you would start with: ‘Hello X, thanks again for inviting me to that awesome BBQ last weekend! So, about the latest campaign…’.

Urgent Ursula
Last but not least, let’s not forget about those of us out there who have a questionable view of what should be classified as urgent, insisting on overusing the high priority markers on their emails, which some claim is the digital variety of shouting your message across to someone. Ursulas — you know who you are!

Whichever type you identify with, what’s clear is that we all communicate in our own, sometimes inharmonious manners. We often lose time, meaning or even patience in the process. Apps like NestedAsana and HipChat were built with exactly this in mind. We may all have different approaches or styles, but in a world where time and productivity are more valuable than ever, it’s helpful to work within a platform that enhances efficiency and communication by giving you the freedom to forego formalities. With its rapid response facilities, Nested creates an environment that allows for productivity by nature — one where it is understood that quick replies without all the extras are sometimes essential to your team’s workflow. This is the future of team communications and business messaging, especially with the proliferation of evermore email killer apps. But while the current system is still alive and well, why don’t you let us know in the comments: which type of emailer are you?


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