How to customize your Notifications

What are Notifications?

Notifications are to inform you when something new has happened in the Places you are a part of. This will keep you in the loop of what is being communicated between your teams and when someone has tried to reach one of your Places. Since Notifications are on by default when a Place is created, you can choose to turn your Notifications off for certain Places that you do not want to be notified of. This will help you prioritize your important communications and opt out those that you do not consider important.

Customize your Notifications

You will be notified of the Places you are a part of automatically. If you want to turn your Notifications off…

  • 1. Go to the Place that you want to turn Notifications off for.
  • 2. There is a green bell

    on the upper-right corner of the page. Click on the bell and watch it turn grey


  • If you have turned Notifications off and want to turn them back on, click on the grey bell

    to turn it green