How to use Feed

When you log into Nested, the homepage is your Feed. It’s the virtual timeline wherein all your communications are lined up based on their chronological order and context. You can see all the recent posts from the Places you are a part of and if you scroll lower, elder posts will appear.

Good to know: From the Place settings of the Places you have created or are a Member of, you can see two options: Show in Feed and Hide from Feed. When you create a Place, or become a Member in one, the Place has its Show in Feedsetting on by default, which means that the posts shared in those Places will be shown in your Feed. If you do not want to see the posts of a particular Place on your Feed, undo Show in Feed and instead choose Hide from Feed from the Place’s settings.

How to make the most of your Feed

Your Feed is the home of your communications: You can see the recent posts shared in the Places you are a part of, and you can also overview the latest activities happening in those Places, such as who has added new comments. them and

Toolbar of Feed

From the toolbar of Feed, you can see the total number of posts shared with your Places; the option for unseen posts to be Mark all as seen; and the Sort by button to customize your Feed.

How to mark as Seen

  • 1. You can either click on the Mark all as seen button from the toolbar of your Feed, but this is if you want all your unseen posts to be marked as seen, or
  • 2. You can choose the particular unseen post you want to mark as seen. Unseen posts are marked with a blue envelope icon

    next to them. By clicking on the blue envelope, you are marking the post as seen and the blue envelope will turn into a transparent Nested cube.

Customize your Feed

You can control how updates in your Places are shown in your Feed on the homepage. You can sort your posts by recency and type. Your Feed is shown with Recent Posts as its default display. To change this, move your mouse over the Recent Posts that appears on the toolbar of your Feed and a drop-down menu will appear.

If you want, you can change from Recent Posts to Latest Activity to see all the newest activity happening in your Places, such as new comments on posts.

More Features

You can also…

  • 1. Reply
  • 2. Forward
  • 3. Comment
  • and
  • 4. Bookmark

posts directly from your Feed.

Who can view my Feed?

Like your personal Place, Your Feed is only visible to you and no-one will be able to access your Feed without your authorization.