Inviting people to your Place

Inviting People to a Grand Place

So, you’ve created your Grand Place and now you want to get your team aboard. Once all your team members have signed up on Nested, you can go ahead and invite them to join your Grand Place. They must accept your invitation first before they can be added to the nested Places inside.

  • Invitations can be sent out by the Manager(s) of the Grand Place, or by the Members that have been enabled to do so by the Manager(s).
    • 1. Invite them to join your Grand Place from the More Options drop-down menu that presides on the upper-right corner of the page.


  • 2. Choose Invite Members from the menu.
  • This will open a modal window that will allow you to search for users by their name, Nested address or phone number: Keep in mind, however, that the people you want to invite must have their Search visibility turned on from their settings for you to be able to find them.
    Once you’ve typed down the names, or found your team members from the suggested contacts listing, click Invite

    Nested will deliver the invitations and you will get a pop-up box on the right-side of the page letting you know if the invitations have been sent successfully.

    Alternative methods of inviting people to your Grand Place are as follows:

    • Directly from the Members’ box in the Grand Place

    Or, from the settings of your Grand Place

    1. Click on the More options dropdown menu