Managing your Places, Overview

Neat, sleek and easy to use: that’s what we are. Managing your Places is all about making team management and team communication easier for you.

1. All the Grand Places you are a part of can be seen from your sidebar.

  • If you have turned your notifications on for a Grand Place, there will emerge a red semi-circle next to your Grand Place icon, informing you of new activities taking place.

2. Once you click open a particular Grand Place, the sidebar will provide you an overview of the Grand Place and the Places embedded within it.

  • The green icon

    on the left-side of a Place name indicates that you have chosen this Place to be shown in your Feed.

  • The red ball

    on the right-side of a Place name informs you that you have unseen posts in one of its sub-Places.

  • The total number of unseen posts can be seen from the top of the overview area.

  • 3. There are three tabs in a Place, found from the navigation bar on the upper-side of the page: Posts, Files and Activities.
  • 3A. Posts tab shows you all the posts shared in the Place. At the top of the tab, you will be informed of all the unseen posts in the Place.
  • You can choose to mark all the unseen posts as seen by clicking on the Mark all as seen button.
  • You will also have access to Quick Post field that allows you to compose a post quickly and share it with your team in the Place.

3B. Files tab shows you all the exchanged files within the Place. You will be able to see its name, size and received date.

  • If you are after a particular file, click on the magnifier icon

    that is present above the displayed files.

  • This will launch a Search box wherein you can type the key words of your file and press enter.
  • The search results will appear in a chronological order.
      • 3C. Activities tab shows you all the activities that have occurred within the Place, including
        • new posts

        • comments

        • membership changes

      • You can also see the author of the post; the exact date and time of the sharing of the post; and the sub-Places the post has been shared with.


  • 4. Members in a Place From the Members box on the right-side of the page, you can see the total number of Members in the Place. You can also see who is the Manager, marked with a crown

    , and who is an ordinary Member.

  • If you are the Manager of the Place, or if the Manager of the Place has allowed this capacity to Members, you will see a green Plus (+) icon. By clicking on it, you can add members to the Place.
  • 5. Searching in a Place Click on the Search box found on the navigation bar
    • Type in the key word of a post you want to find, or with an @-sign the username of the user you want to look up.