Place settings

To simplify the management of a team, we have succinctly brought the key settings down to five sections for Place Managers.

Changing Place settings

  • 1. Open the Place you want to make changes for.
  • 2. Click on the More options drop-down menu from the upper-right corner of the page:
    • here you can see the Show in Feed option, which you can
    • tick on
  • or tick off
    • depending on whether you want the posts shared in this Place to be shown in your Feed.
  • 3. Continue to proceed to Place settings from the drop-down menu.
  • 4. In the Place settings, you will have the following five sections and you can make changes by choosing from the options offered:
    • Who can share posts with this Place? asks you to determine whom you would like to have the authority to post in your Place.

    • Show in search results? is asking you to turn on/off your search visibility: Do you want to be shown in the suggested contacts listings when someone types your name or your Nested address? If yes, you swipe the ball rightwards.

    • Who can create sub-Places? gives you the option to alter between allowing the Managers to create sub-Places inside a Place, or giving that right to all the Members of the Place. If you choose the latter, Members can create private sub-Places that, depending on the chosen settings, do not offer the Managers of the higher-level Place access inside of it.

    • Who can add Members to this Place? asks you to give the adding rights of the Place solely to the Manager(s) or to all the Member(s) of the Place.

    • Member position changes: here you can add further Members from your Grand Place to your subPlaces; or promote, demote and remove selected Members

  • Changing the name, description and the picture of a Place

  • Name

    To change the name of your Place, click on the title appearing right at the top of the Place settings. This will expand a field wherein you can rename your Place. Keep in mind that renaming a Place does not change its Place ID.

  • Once you have made the needed changes, click on Save.
  • Description

    To change the description of your Place, click on the field below your Place picture.

  • Once you have made the needed changes, click on Save.
  • Picture

    To upload a picture or to change the picture of your Place, click on the picture field.

  • Choose the picture you want from your files and press Choose.
  • You will be asked to fit your image to a square format. You can adjust the size you want by expanding or condensing the frame and choosing Done.
  • You will be notified on the upper-right corner of the page when the change of Place picture has been successful.


  • Once you have made the needed changes, you can simply click on the

    button from the upper-right corner of the page and the changes will be saved automatically.

  • Turning Notifications on/off

    Changing notifications happens from the navigation bar of the Place of your intention: a bell is located on the upper-right corner of the page. If the bell is green,

    it means your notifications are on. If you want to turn it off, click on it and watch it turn grey with a crossing on it