Sharing files on Nested

Whether you want to share confidential files or publicized material, we’ve got your back! You can trust our service to share your files — big or small — with ease, speed and efficiency.

There are two ways of sharing files on Nested: one is with a post, and one is without a post.

To share files with a formal post

  • Press on the Compose icon from your sidebar

  • The Compose window will open with a simple toolbar that gives you all you need.

Share photos, documents and more

To enclose attachments

  • 1. Click on the paperclip icon

    on the lower-left side of the Compose window

  • 2. Select the files you want to attach from your computer
    • If you want to attach more than one file, press the Ctrl (PC) or ⌘ (Mac) button while selecting your files.

  • 3. Click Open (PC) or Choose (Mac).

Attachment size limit

You can share maximum of 50 attachments in one post with each file sizing up to 100MB. If you are a Basic user, make sure that you do not exceed the maximum post size quota set for per Grand Place.

Delete an attachment

  • If you change your mind about an attachment, you can move your mouse on top of the attachment you want to delete and click on the appearing bin icon

    . Once you press it, the attachment will be deleted.

To share files quickly without a post

  • 1. Click open the intended Place you want to share your files with.
  • 2. Assuming the Place’s Manager has given the permission for all the Members to post in the Place, there will appear a Quick Post box at the top of the Place’s Feed.
  • 3. Drag the files you want to share and drop them directly into the Quick Post box.
  • 4. Your files will be attached in line.
    • In case you want to add more files, press Attach files. Select the files you want to attach from your computer and press Open (PC) or Choose (Mac).

  • 5. Add a subject line if you desire.
  • 6. Press Send and your files will be delivered to the intended Place.