Sharing in a Place

You can share posts and files in a Place of your intention by either composing a post and sharing it with the Place, or directly writing your post on the Quick Post box that appears on the main page of the Place.

Composing a post and sharing it with a Place

  • 1. Start a new post by clicking on the Compose icon from your sidebar

    . The Compose page will open as a modal window with a simple toolbar that gives you all you need.

      • 2. Compose your post, add a subject line, format your text and add files if you need to.
    • 3. Add recipients from the Share with field at the top of the compose box, type the name, Place ID or the email address of the recipient(s) you are intending to share this post with. If the recipient(s) you had in mind appear in the suggested contacts as you are typing, simply click on their names. If they don’t, continue to add their full name, Place ID or email address.
      • You can share the post with up to 20 different recipients, consisting of Place IDs within Nested and contacts that are using other emailing services.
    • 4. Once you are done, press Share. This post will be then shared with all the recipients you included in the Share with field.

    Writing your post on the Quick Post box

    • 1. Go to the Place you want to share your post in.
    • 2. Assuming the Place’s Manager has given the permission for all the Members to post in the Place, there will appear a Quick Post box at the top of the Place’s Feed.
    • 3. Click on the box and start writing your post. If you want to attach files, drag and drop the ones you want from your desktop.
    • 4. Press Send and your files will be directly posted on the intended Place.