Your username and unique Nested address

When you join Nested, you are asked to choose yourself a username to proceed with creating an account. Simultaneously you are assigned a unique Nested address by default based on the username you have chosen.

  • For example, if your chosen username is egon, your unique Nested address would be

  • You will automatically get an entirely exclusive and personal Place for yourself that no-one else has access to: you can receive and share posts to and from your personal Place, but the content will be only available for you.

This is where our service comes in handy and will offer ease and efficiency to your team-to-team communications:

  • with the username you have chosen, you can communicate with your teams within Nested: share posts in a Place to a specific team or share betweenPlaces to keep multiple teams in the loop and up-to-date

  • with the unique Nested address you can integrate your email onto our service, allowing you to send and receive emails to your connections that are using other emailing services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, and so on.

Nested has, however, evolved from where email fell short, and presents a new way of managing your communications: you can create Places around your teams for particular projects, events, and all else, and prompt lively discussions with quick commenting and feedback.
Each one of your Places will be assigned a unique Nested address, which means that you can allocate different Places as your point of contact for different teams. You can make use of our quick communication tools such as quick posting, commenting, replying and forwarding, as well as use more traditional email-like post-sharing services.

Note: You can link the Nested address of your chosen Place for any online services that requires a verification email when signing up, such as Facebook, Twitter,, AirBnB, and so on.